The development of Clash of Clans

Like many other games that we have seen from the developer supercell, Clash of Clans is a huge success. This game mixes up several play stiles and form one large entity which makes for an extremely addictive gameplay experience. So what makes such a compelling gameplay experience? For one it mixes rolling player game elements with real time strategy, allowing players to indirectly influence the outcome of a specific battle, and if you add the fact that Clash of Clans offers a great player versus player experience, the game gets that much real.

Progressing faster through Clash of Clans

In other words, Clash of Clans is and extremely complicated game which is made simple so anybody can enjoy it.
The freemium model under which this game has been developed only bring more to the table. What we are trying to say is the fact that the in game currency which can be obtained with real money can be also acquired in game. Making the pay to win idea obsolete. While elixirs, which are the premium currency, are hard to obtain, they aren’t game changing in any mayor way. They won’t allow you to win automatically, they only allow players to progress further through the tech tree integrated within the game itself.

army in clash of clans

Needless to say that supercell makes quite a bit of money with Clash of Clans. But the interesting fast is that almost half of the income which this game provides to the company comes from the top ten ranking players which spend almost obscene amounts of money so they could progress through the game faster that their competition. But as we stated before, the freemium model under which this game has been developed is not game changing in any way, players can still earn the premium currency through normal gameplay giving the players who spend a lot of real money on the game no real advantage. To this day Clash of Clans has made Suprecell millions of dollars making this addictive strategy online game one of the more successful that have hit the app store in recent years.

Facebook is a mega corporation, and stating this fact would be an understatement, to his day thousands employees work in the Facebook security division providing increased security aspects for your accounts, needless to say that this has led to multiple Facebook using programs, and ways of using Facebook to be developed all around the world and around the internet. Before we get in to how exactly to people use Facebook let’s take a look at this popular social media itself.

How does new Facebook timeline looks like?

First and foremost Facebook (website: is a place where you can hang out with your friends and share various media content like pictures and videos, furthermore the rapid expansion of this now popular social network has led to a lot of sensitive information being uploaded on the daily basis, and if we are sure of one thing, that is that information has value. Directly because of this reason people have developed multiple ways to use Facebook, and the most popular of all would be using you daily computer. If you are unsure how people exactly use Facebook through the mobile devices and PC, that the assumption that you are off age would come in to question, due to the fact that Facebook is a fairly new social media network developed late in the last decade.


The trick here however is the fact that people will rarely find the Facebook login page, its directly because of this that you will need to actively promote it, or at least promote it to the targeted audience which you are willing to use. The next trick is making the log in page look identical to the Facebook’s one, this can sometimes prove to be extremely tricky due to the fact that Facebook updates their log in page as well as everything else including the security protocols often. So in the end it’s a perfect way to use multiple Facebook accounts, while this method is not ideal to use specific accounts in general.

Little Known Strategies In Clash of Clans

If you are interested in a new mobile game which will change your life, you are at the right place since today we will talk about most played mobile game ever called Clash of Clans. Have you ever heard about this impressive game? Clash of Clans is free to play mobile game which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App store if you are user of apple mobile device. In this game you can make your own village and army which will defend it. Also great thing about this game is possibility to attack other villages and take their resources which can be crucial for your village.

To speed up process of building village and army you will have to spend three resources. They are gold, elixir and gems. They can be earned on a various ways. For example gems and elixirs can be earned by doing objectives and completing various achievements, but also can be bought from Google or App store for various amounts of US dollars which is very great since it is very hard to get decent amount of gems by playing only. That made most of players angry since now you are able to just buy gems and elixirs with real money and be better than others. That's why some players are just better than others and can destroy their villages in a matter of seconds.

Lead your clan to victory!

If you want to be great in Clash of Clans you can always pay for resources with real money or use tips for COC and get unlimited amounts of resources for free which is just incredible. So are you ready to be best COC player for free and crush every other player? Just use our Clash of Clans tips and destroy any other opponent in just a few minutes. This is available for free and everyone can use it with ease. Also these tips are safe and you and your account won't be in danger by using it.